TEP has secured planning permission for Ørsted’s Heliport that will assist technicians maintaining the wind turbines at the Walney Extension (WoW 03 & 04) Offshore Wind Farm. The Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm, 19km off the coast of Barrow-in-Furness, became the world’s largest offshore wind farm when it officially opened this year.

Obtaining consent for the heliport is the culmination of three years’ work with over ten sites being assessed for suitability and ensuring that the plans were sensitive to local ecology.

Extensive bird surveys were undertaken, requiring many helicopter test flights to be carried out in different conditions to take account of wind and tidal changes.  An Assessment of Likely Significant Effects and Appropriate Assessment (under Regulation 63 of the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017) was undertaken, working in close partnership with Natural England and the National Trust.

A suite of supporting technical documents were submitted to the Local Planning Authority. TEP worked closely with the Planning Officer to ensure that once planning permission was achieved no pre-commencement conditions were attached to the consent. This allowed Ørsted to start works immediately on site.

Juan Murray, Principal Planning Consultant at TEP comments “We are delighted to have secured this important consent that is key to the overall operations and maintenance of offshore windfarms in this area, which will continue to provide sustainable, renewable energy to the UK.”