Natterjacks, Red Rocks and Two Ecologists

Our work rarely stops at the office door and our staff often attend volunteer days for local charities as part of our CSR efforts. This time it was the turn of our ecologists Steph Davies and Fleur Wilson, who volunteered their time to help Cheshire Wildlife Trust on one of their practical conservation days designed to create and maintain local habitats.

Over the last century the Natterjack toad has experienced a significant decline in population and range, primarily as a result of habitat loss and fragmentation. The Trust wanted to focus efforts along the Merseyside coast at Red Rocks SSSI in the Wirral, where notable Natterjack toad populations exist on the sand dunes.

Our two ecologists had a hard but very rewarding day, cutting back reeds which had overgrown around a Natterjack breeding pond and maintaining integral fence lines. This work plays an important role in maintaining favourable conditions for breeding Natterjack toads and sustaining the local population. 

Thank you to Fiona Megarrel who ran the day and to the Cheshire Wildlife Trust, who manage over 40 nature reserves working across Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester, Halton, Stockport, Warrington, Tameside, Trafford and Wirral. The work that they do is reliant on volunteers to carry out essential conservation work to protect and enhance our environment.

The Cheshire Wildlife Trust run a practical conservation day the first Tuesday of every month, if you would like to know more or how to get involved visit: