St Nicholas Church – Community Bat Walk

On 2nd July 2019 TEP licensed bat ecologist Lizi Pimlott led a bat walk around St Nicholas Church in Newchurch, as part of TEP’s CSR professional engagement. The walk started off with an overview of bat ecology and the group of 15 proceeded outside to the ancient woodland adjacent to the church. The flying insects were out in force but it wasn’t long before our first bats were spotted. Common pipistrelle bats were recorded feeding around the tree canopy using handheld detectors and then later in the evening a group of about 10 whiskered bats had a feeding frenzy in the church yard. It is likely that these bats came from a roost nearby. Lizi was assisted on the bat walk by the Valley Heritage Hound – Buddy – who helpfully barked a warning whenever the bats flew a bit too close overhead. TEP are looking forward to running a second bat walk in August.

Bat surveys and plans are important to help avoid, reduce or manage any negative effects from development works. This could be relevant if you are demolishing buildings, building extensions that block roof access, erecting wind turbines, barn conversions, removal of trees or hedgerows, building or maintaining roads.

If you require any assistance with bat surveys or are looking for ecology support with a community project, please get in touch with TEP on 01925 844004 or