TEP: A Tree Is Climbed From Its Base

TEP is one of the members of PRIDE2, a partnership for rural improvement and development in Europe. PRIDE2 is managed and funded by Grampus Heritage and Training and Erasmus+ and promotes education and staff mobility through EU funded programmes, in places such as Germany, Slovakia and Malta. The training aspect is run by Green Village, who provide unique opportunities for staff in areas such as culture, heritage, archaeology and the environment.

Programmes like this are about knowledge sharing and help enrich our staff and provide valuable experience that can help feed back into their work. They are also a great source for continuous professional development, something TEP keenly encourages. Since being part of the partnership 6 TEP staff have taken advantage of these opportunities such as wild foods in Germany, wooden boat renovation in Norway and wild food foraging in Cyprus.

TEP’s most recent exchange was Kristian Whittaker from our London office, who visited Finland, learning about forestry and agricultural practices in the north of the country. His week was split between visiting forests, farms and national parks, and attending seminars with forestry and agriculture associations that manage public land. He experienced Finnish attitudes towards their land and conservation, and learnt about their approach to both ecology and biodiversity.

On a lighter side, he near-froze to death in an ice cold lake, got cooked repeatedly in a sauna, and connected with his Viking ancestry by chopping wood with an axe. He also made friends with a reindeer called Rainbow, and saw some pretty spectacular landscapes.

For more information on the projects visit: https://www.grampusheritage.co.uk/projects/pride-2/