TEP Goes Trans-Atlantic

Graduate Landscape Architect Kristian Whittaker from our London Office has been expanding his experience in the industry, by participating in an Architectural Association Visiting Schools Program. He jetted off to Sao Paulo, Brazil to work on a project which will help turn the Minhocão; an elevated highway that cuts through the centre of the city, into a linear park. The highway is to be deactivated and transformed into Parque Minhocão; a park inspired by the High Line in New York City and will help to improve the green infrastructure within the city.

“This is a platform for activities on which anything can happen.” 
Felipe Rogrigues, a member of the Parque Minhocão Association

Kristian joined urban designers from around the world to help weaver Alison Grace Martin. The project was to design a woven bamboo structure that would provide shade for visitors in the proposed park. The design process involved a combination of small physical models in paper and 1:1 bamboo models on site, as well as digital modelling in Rhino and Grasshopper. The latter allowed the team to design parametrically, taking into account on site environmental conditions and tweaking the design to create the ideal amount of shade and screening for visitors.

“It was an amazing city with amazing people and a really unique urban landscape; on a scale I’d never experienced before. It was also my first time seeing the potential of parametric design within landscape and my first experience of a rainforest biome.”
Kristian Whittaker

The project also caught the eye of a journalist from the New York Times, who shadowed the project and published an article detailing it’s intricacies: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/29/science/math-weaving-bamboo.html