TEP: There’s No I In Team

Being great at what you do isn’t always enough but being part of a great team can help you achieve more than you might have thought possible. Over the past two decades TEP has carefully built a team who embrace our vision and can consistently deliver outstanding work for our clients. The things they have in common are our values such as being: honest, supportive, passionate, forward-looking, enterprising and responsible. It is because of this we believe in them and know that their hard work and dedication is responsible for the amazing things TEP manage to achieve. Therefore, TEP is delighted to announce the promotions of several members of the team. These promotions recognise each individual’s achievements and commitment within their area of specialism, as well as their contribution towards the business. We would like you to join us in congratulating the following valuable members of TEP:

Lindsey Cunniff
Head of Land & Estate Management
Phil Moseley
Head of Land & Estate Management
Anne Pritchard
Associate Ecologist
Andy Harney              
Principal GIS
Paul Bennison            
Principal Landscape Manager (Gateshead)
Rebecca Martin         
Principal Landscape Manager (Market Harborough)
Kate Goodban            
HR Advisor
Adam Pearson           
Senior Landscape Manager
Anna Miroslaw           
Senior Landscape Architect (London)
Dale Mortiboys           
Senior Ecologist
Daniel Russell            
Senior Environmental Planner
Fleur Wilson               
Senior Ecologist
Graham Roberts        
Senior Ecologist (Cornwall)
Lindsey Roberts         
Senior Ecologist
Monika Klamann        
Senior GIS
Emma Lavery               
Consultant Urban Designer
Mark Levitt                 
Consultant Arborist
William Clow              
Consultant Landscape Manager (Market Harborough)

Knowing the importance of a strong team, we will continue to encourage our staff to learn, develop and make sure they are given the support and recognition they need to succeed; not only for themselves but for the company as a whole. Thank you to all our staff and we look forward to seeing what the next year may bring.

For more information on our team visit: https://www.tep.uk.com/people/