Project Nemo Interconnector

National Grid

TEP is managing and co-ordinating the Environmental Impact Assessment of the UK elements of Project Nemo; a high voltage direct current (HVDC) link proposed between southeast England and Belgium.  The onshore elements include a converter station, a new substation, underground and mid-tidal subsea cables.

The management and coordination of EIA has required awareness of effects arising from other aspects of the project including in the marine environment and, although no specific trans-boundary effects are anticipated, in Belgium.

The onshore cable route is short but passes through constrained areas including internationally designated sites for nature conservation interest, a country park based on a former landfill, a Wildlife Trust reserve and a separate Site of Special Scientific Interest.

EIA has helped inform different installation methods in different parts of the route to ensure environmental effects are acceptable. Our ecologists have carried out detailed botanical surveys of the saltmarshes, using NVC techniques, to assist in the cable routeing process.

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