Redrow and Anwyl Homes
Sandbach, Cheshire

TEP prepared the landscape design for a large new park to form the central focus for a new residential neighbourhood.

An undulating landscape across the park, of meadow grass mounds and trees will frame ponds and define a range of play and recreation areas. These include play equipment and landscape features designed for young children as well as larger open spaces for informal recreation and sport. Smaller pocket spaces are framed by tree planting, and provide seating for small groups. Species rich meadow and tree planting surround these spaces providing shade and a good variety of planting with scent, colour and texture.

Two ponds further add to the undulating landscape, and form part of the sustainable drainage strategy. A diverse mix of aquatic plants and wet grassland will frame the ponds.

The existing hedgerows, new ponds and meadow areas create a connected habitat that provide increased wildlife opportunities. The introduction of species rich grassland will provide further terrestrial habitat for amphibians with appropriate connectivity through green linkages.