Former Baxi Heating Works

Homes England are the government’s housing accelerator, responsible for increasing the number of new homes that are built in England and are now developing proposals to deliver new homes on the site of the former Baxi Heating Works, Padiham. The thoughts of the local community are important in further developing the design and we would welcome your feedback.

The Application Site covers an area of approximately 6.2 hectares and is located adjacent to Padiham Town Centre, in north west Burnley. The site comprises hardstanding, previously the location of the now demolished Baxi factory buildings, with a car park to the west. Access to the site is from Wyre Street and Holmes Street to the west. The site currently lies within areas that might flood but the new housing will be protected by the proposed Environment Agency new flood defences.

An illustrative masterplan has been prepared to demonstrate how the proposals could be accommodated on the Application Site. In summary, the proposals include:

    • 141 dwellings of which 10% will be affordable;
    • Primary vehicular access from Wyre Street and secondary access from Lune Street and Holmes Street:
    • ƒPedestrian and cycle connections to the Public Right of Way adjacent to the Site’s southern and eastern boundaries;
    • Open space with children’s play area and drainage attenuation in the south western corner of the Site to act as a green gateway;
    • Semi-natural and natural green space with tree planting along the eastern and southern Site boundaries adjacent to the open countryside and River Calder.

Detailed design would have to be submitted to Burnley Borough Council subject to outline permission being granted. Therefore the illustrative plan does not attempt to provide specific architectural styles for the housing. It is anticipated that the detailed development design would seek to be in keeping with the local vernacular.

Please click here to view the proposals.

We welcome your feedback on the outline planning proposals and have prepared some questions regarding the scheme, there is also an opportunity for you to make general comments at the end. To help up analyse comments we would be interested to know your address, please only give as much information as you feel comfortable (a postcode is fine):
Alternatively you can sent feedback direct to TEP, Baxi Consultation, Genesis Centre, Birchwood Science Park, Warrington, WA3 7BH, or send an email to

    1. The proposals involve the development of up to 150 family homes, of which 10% will be affordable, with associated green space and a children’s play area. What are your comments on this approach?

    2. What impact (positive or negative) do you feel this development might have upon you as an individual and/or the wider community?

    3. Are there any improvements that you feel could be made to the scheme (if so please elaborate)

    4. Are there any issues or opportunities that you would like the applicant to try and address as part of the planning application?

    5. Do you have any further comments?

    6. Please enter your postcode