Grappenhall Heys and Bridgewater Country Park

Homes and Communities Agency

TEP was commissioned to design a comprehensive piece of landscape infrastructure, creating the setting for 54 ha of residential development in south Warrington.  This took the form of a landscape led masterplan which, now implemented, provides public open space for 750 homes and a Primary School.

The site was once part of the Grappenhall Heys estate which was acquired by the Warrington Development Corporation in 1975.  Although the dilapidated Manor House was demolished, the remnants of an historic Walled Garden presented opportunities for restoration and rejuvenation as a community asset at the heart of the development.

In addition to the masterplan, TEP prepared detail designs for a full range of green infrastructure assets and was contract administrator for implementing the works.  These comprised new woodlands and structure planting, pond restoration, habitat enhancement, creation of a new village green, a network of footpaths and cycleways, informal and formal play areas and the restoration of the walled Kitchen Garden and Pleasure Gardens.

TEP prepared landscape management contracts for much of the structural landscape; ensuring that the original design intent is upheld as the landscape matures.

TEP has played a key role in the creation of a residential area which promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages social interaction between neighbours and communities.  The landscape provides a setting for contemporary learning and enterprise whilst respecting the history of the site.  It also makes a valuable contribution to nature conservation through the creation and enhancement of new wetland and woodland habitats.