Harrogate Police Training Centre

Homes England
North Yorkshire

Under the Homes England Estate Management Services Framework, TEP supported a Homes England planning application for 200 dwellings and the demolition of 29 redundant buildings. The site is a disused former police training centre that has been vacant for a number of years. The centre had a large number of buildings, some of which were non-designated heritage assets with formal areas of trees and shrubs. The wider site includes former playing fields, amenity grass and hard standings.

TEP provided ecological and arboricultural services to inform the planning application, with regards to the demolition works and construction of a new residential estate. The new estate will include up to 184 new build homes and the conversion of the retained buildings to create up to 16 dwellings.

During the Phase 1 habitat survey, it became clear some buildings had suitability for roosting bats. Nocturnal bat roost surveys were undertaken on these buildings and multiple bat roosts were identified. Subsequently, TEP applied for a Natural England bat licence to enable the demolition of the relevant buildings.

Badgers were also found on site, occupying a number of different setts. One of these setts was located under a prefabricated building, which was in disrepair and needed removal. Following badger activity surveys this sett was removed under a Natural England licence.

Using the information from the habitat survey, TEP carried out a biodiversity impact assessment, which assessed the value of the site before and after development and made recommendations to offset the loss of habitats and where possible achieve net gain.

An arboricultural survey was also undertaken on the site and advice about tree removal and protection was provided.

TEP’s team of managing agents took over the management of the site in 2017. Our specialist team of property managers ensured the vacant buildings were kept safe and watertight. If anti-social behaviour occurred, the team responded quickly to organise repairs and extra security. This is an essential service to make sure that public property does not deteriorate or decline in value before Homes England can secure a planning consent and redevelopment.

TEP’s site managing agents worked to de-risk the site ahead of the tender for demolition works. We made sure the primary incoming services to the property were decommissioned, and formal disconnections for gas and electric were undertaken, ahead of demolition contractors being appointed.