Middlehaven Dock

Homes and Communities Agency
Middlesbrough (TS2)
£25k (per annum)

Middlehaven Dock and the Cargo Fleet Road area are owned by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA). The area is undergoing regeneration led by Tees Valley Unlimited and BioRegional Quintain.

The land is at various stages of re-development.  The Middlesbrough College and the Anish Kapoor sculpture, ‘Temenos’ have been recently completed.

TEP is employed by HCA as Managing Agent.  With support from consultants at SLR, TEP manages the site undertaking regular inspections, managing and monitoring site security, landscape management, and water safety.  Health and safety problems identified during regular inspections are prioritised and addressed through term contractors.

TEP acts as the first point of contact for stakeholders and third parties wishing to use HCA’s land and is responsible for access agreements.

Japanese knotweed and Giant hogweed have been identified. These non-native species can damage property value and hogweed can be harmful to health. TEP manages these invasive species under a long-term treatment regime.