South West Water Ecology Services

TEP is one of South West Water’s Ecological Services consultants.   Covering South West Water Ltd’s supply areas of Cornwall, Devon and parts of Dorset and Somerset, TEP delivers Preliminary Ecological Appraisals, Ecological Risk Assessments, Ecological Impact Assessments and reporting and advisory services to South West Water Ltd’s capital delivery alliance.

South West Water produces over 650 mega litres of drinking water and treats and disposes of around 600,000 tonnes of sewage every day. If laid end-to-end, their water pipes and sewer pipes would stretch all the way to Australia and back.

An example of TEP’s work with South West Water is the refurbishment of an existing water treatment works. The project will see the removal of old dilapidated sludge tanks and their replacement with new ones. To minimise adverse impacts on the surrounding area, TEP will aid South West Water by completing an extended phase 1 habitat survey, ecological risk assessments and impact assessments.

On completion, the new water treatment works tanks will not only increase the efficiency of water treatment at the site, but will also reduce the works’ carbon footprint.