Invasive Non-Native Species

Invasive Non-Native Species - Giant Hogweed

10-15% of non-native species established in the UK cause significant adverse impacts, such as disrupting habitats and ecosystems, as well as imposing serious harm to human health.

Proactive landscape management is vital in combating this and TEP has provided information on how management plans can help in the control and eradication of invasive non-native species. We’ve also included the species which are most commonly found in the UK, an overview of the legislative context, the control measures available, management considerations and potential constraints, as well as details of how contractor warranties and guarantees function.

To read our briefing note on invasive non-native species click here.

Invasive Non-Native Species - Japanese Knotweed along a river bank.

TEP’s Landscape Management team is experienced in advising on the management of invasive non-native species and can provide the following services:

  • Training (plant identification, biosecurity and best practice);
  • Site surveys;
  • Management plan production;
  • Contract procurement;
  • Client advice;
  • Clerk of Works services (site supervision);
  • Letters of confirmation of works successfully completed; and
  • Follow up reporting.

To discover more from TEP’s Landscape Management Team or to read their latest articles, follow the link here or email any invasive species enquiries to