Managing Black Park Country Park

Black Park Country Park - Tall Pines Peace Road

Buckinghamshire Council has appointed The Environment Partnership (TEP) to produce a Landscape Management Plan for Black Park Country Park. TEP will be working with the Country Parks team to develop a single unified management plan to guide management of the park’s landscapes.

Earlier this year TEP completed work on a Spatial Plan for Black Park County Park. This plan established a long-term vision, strategic objectives, and programme of phased interventions to guide conservation of the park’s landscapes and enhancement of the visitor experience. We are excited to now have the opportunity to build upon this work with the preparation of a unified Landscape Management Plan. The management plan will be directly informed by the information and site-specific data already gathered during the spatial planning process and will support delivery of the recommendations and strategies identified within the Spatial Plan.

The Landscape Management Plan will provide a comprehensive approach to strategic and practical park management and will be informed by both current management operations and existing park management plans. Black Park has a number of significant habitats including lowland heath and mature Alder carr, both recognized as habitats of national importance and designated within the park as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Black Park also has a great diversity of landscape features across the Park including Black Park Lake, extensive mixed woodland, imposing stands of mature coniferous plantation woodland, and areas of open space.

TEP’s team of landscape managers, landscape designers, arboriculturalists, and ecologists will prepare a unified Landscape Management Plan. This will establish a framework for efficient and effective decision making across the park. To further understand Black Park’s significant landscape features and to aid preparation of the management plan, TEP’s team, working alongside Park Rangers, will complete a number of assessment days covering the 12 landscape character areas established by the Spatial Plan. The information collected on significance and condition will be used to identify specific landscape led interventions and priorities for management of the park’s assets. The management plan will help park managers to react positively to a changing world, establishing a co-ordinated package of management policies, priorities, and actions across the park.

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