Mapping The Mersey Forest

TEP’s GIS team is delighted to announce that it will be providing support to The Mersey Forest.

The Mersey Forest plays a key role in the development and engagement of woodlands across North Cheshire and Merseyside, which in turn provides vital benefits to local communities. The organisation is also involved in the delivery of many large-scale projects, which includes The Northern Forest; a 25-year vision to plant 50 million trees across the North of England, stretching from Liverpool to Hull.

TEP has worked closely with The Mersey Forest for several years on projects as well as Corporate Social Responsibility activities.  TEP’s GIS team will now utilise its wealth of experience in desktop spatial software ArcGIS and QGIS; spatial databases PostgreSQL and PostGIS; and webmapping technologies such as Leaflet.JS to support The Mersey Forest’s internal business processes, and on other funded projects.

‘All the GIS Team at TEP are delighted to build on our longstanding friendship with The Mersey Forest to develop GIS projects and applications that support and promote  the great work Mersey Forest are doing across the region ’
Mike Hodgkinson, Associate Director and Head of the GIS team

For more information, or to find out about how TEP’s GIS team can support you on your projects, please email