Broughton Residential Development

Development Securities, Bloor Homes and Bellway Homes

The Broughton Park scheme, is a major retail and residential area west of Chester. TEP has been supporting the major landowner, Development Securities for several years in the development of the area. One of the largest parcels is a 10 hectare triangle-shaped plot which, following public inquiry, gained permission for over 300 family homes.

A key part of this project included the design and implementation of a dedicated wildlife reserve for the translocation of the legally protected species the great crested newt.

TEP designed and implemented a 4 hectare reserve to offer a range of habitats for breeding, resting, and feeding, including:

• 14,000 native trees and shrubs;

• 250 metres native hedgerow;

• 200 metres of newt refuge habitat;

• 12 ponds and scrapes and ditches providing variation in aquatic habitats; and

• 2.5 hectares wildflower meadow.

All planting works were procured and overseen by TEP, and in April 2014, the reserve was handed over to a local wildlife charity, North East Wales Wildlife.

The residential development is being taken forward by Bloor Homes and Bellway Homes. TEP is providing ecological advice and implementing a translocation scheme for great crested newts, under a licence from Natural Resources Wales.