Homes England Estates Management Services

Homes England

Under the Estates Management Services Framework, TEP provides multiple services to proactively manage and safeguard Homes England’s land assets.

Homes England owns over 7,000 hectares of land across England.  This portfolio is diverse and ranges from high profile ornamental landscapes and buildings in town centres, to rural footpath corridors, urban fringe land under agricultural tenancy and brownfield former industrial sites.

TEP’s team of Land Managers have built up a wealth of experience managing the diversity of spaces, along with any constraints and issues that arise.  Taking a pre-emptive and proactive approach to land management, we identify and minimise risks on brownfield land, vacant properties and public amenity spaces.  Our managers carry out estate risk audits and take a proactive approach to mitigate risk and any health and safety concerns across the portfolio.  We have developed and utilised bespoke software systems to facilitate integrated land management to suit Homes England estate management requirements.  This approach includes routine site inspections and detailed reporting, encompassing vacant property trespass, access, ecology, and water and tree safety.

TEP also manages a diverse range of vacant property assets on behalf of Homes England.  This includes derelict buildings from small agricultural sheds and barns to large derelict former NHS Hospital sites.  The safe management of vacant property can be extremely challenging.  To assist Homes England, TEP procures and manages various contracts and ad-hoc works to ensure the buildings remain secure and weathertight, before their redevelopment.  TEP proactively addresses health and safety concerns by administrating all works carried out by appointed contractors and ensuring the contract obligations are being met.

TEP’s land managers also provide professional advice regarding vegetation management and the subsequent procurement and contract administration of term landscape maintenance contracts on behalf of Homes England.  Specification of Landscape maintenance contracts include best practice and British Standards, which provide a robust service that we can tailor to the nature and use of each asset.  Summer works are focused on vegetation management and amenity.  In winter, there is a focus on remedial, safety and regenerative landscape works.  TEP’s expertise in contract administration and local knowledge ensures key sites are targeted and Homes England’s interests are safeguarded.  Our expertise also includes Non-Native Invasive Species advising Homes England on the identification and facilitating appropriate treatment, utilising a bespoke system to monitor and report on treatments undertaken, which are used to inform the long term legacy of the site.

When land assets are transferred from Homes England to third parties such as local authority councils, management trusts or developers, TEP assists with the long-term costing of landscape operations and supports Homes England in its negotiations.  TEP also handles public queries and complaints on behalf of Homes England and always strives to find solutions that suit all parties.


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