Middlebrook Masterplan, Bolton

Burnden Leisure and Bolton Arena Trust
Burnden Way, Horwich

TEP provided input to the masterplanning of future development at Middlebrook, Bolton. The work involved consideration of effects on landscape and views and ecology. These studies were used to support an Environmental Impact Assessment Screening and Scoping exercise, under the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (England and Wales) Regulations 2011.

The masterplan included land to the north and southwest of Burnden Way in an area of sports and commercial development, including Bolton Wanderers’ landmark Reebok Stadium, and the dramatic Bolton Arena. The Arena is tall with a curved roof and a glazed elevation, with outdoor pitches, courts and a lit athletics track.

The watercourse which gives the area its name, the Middle Brook, meanders between the sports facilities at Bolton Arena, flowing from Red Moss, a Site of Special Scientific Interest. TEP carried out ecological surveys and assisted with management of invasive Japanese knotweed.

The draft Middlebrook Masterplan responded to environmental constraints and opportunities, and proposed a mix of uses; an extension of the Arena to include indoor tennis, badminton and football facilities; a new sports education building adjacent to Burnden Way; a new 7 storey office development adjacent the Reebok stadium; and an extension to the stadium for hospitality and commercial use.

TEP also provided advice to the client during the preparation of the planning submission.