TEP Completes Landscape Studies for Telford and Wrekin Council

TEP has recently completed a series of landscape studies on behalf of Telford & Wrekin Borough Council to provide landscape evidence to inform the Local Plan Review. The aim of the studies is to provide a comprehensive Borough-wide assessment of landscape character and value to inform land use planning and land management decisions.

The Telford and Wrekin Borough Landscape Character Assessment builds on the 2006 Shropshire Landscape Typology by providing a more in-depth description of the cultural, historic and perceptual qualities of the landscape and a description of the landscape’s physical characteristics. Landscape Character Type boundaries were reviewed and amended where necessary to reflect changes to the landscape since 2006. The new Landscape Character Assessment describes each of the 14 Landscape Character Types in detail, identifies key sensitivities and values; and provides landscape management recommendations and development management guidelines.

The Landscape Capacity Study builds upon the Telford and Wrekin Landscape and Visual Sensitivity Assessment by providing an assessment of landscape capacity to help inform decision making relating to the need to accommodate strategic development over the plan period. The study will provide officers with evidence to understand where the landscape and visual impacts would be greatest and identify which general areas, if any, may have capacity to accommodate change.

The Landscape Designations Review examines the quality and value of landscapes across the whole Borough to identify those potentially worthy of additional protection and to provide robust evidence to underpin the Strategic Landscape designation. As part of the Designations Review TEP provided advice to Telford and Wrekin Borough Council in relation to the use of alternative designations to protect land which was not of landscape merit, but would still benefit from additional protection.

All three of these documents form part of the evidence base for the Telford and Wrekin Local Plan Review. The Local Plan Review is now at draft plan stage and the draft plan consultation is open until Wednesday 31st January 2024.

TEP has extensive experience in undertaking district-scale landscape assessments. Learn more about Landscape Planning and Assessment at TEP.