TEP’s Green Spaces

Green Infrastructure (GI) is the network of green spaces and environmental corridors that intersperse and connect our cities, villages and towns.  It includes open spaces, allotments, woodlands, lakes, playing fields, as well as footpaths, cycleways or rivers. Well-designed, interconnected and well-managed GI assets are a critical part of our response to the climate emergency. GI helps us meet the social, economic and environmental challenges we face today. It delivers many benefits from providing sustainable transport links to alleviating flood risk.

Our diverse team is made up of landscape architects, planners, ecologists and GIS analysts, and it has strong credentials in GI strategy, planning and advocacy. We have a wealth of experience in carrying out projects and plans at a range of geographic scales, from strategic GI Plans for local authorities, to GI action plans to assist local communities and interest groups. Our method centres on producing plans that are deliverable and achievable, meeting the local needs of an area whilst responding to the global climate emergency.

Cheshire East Council commissioned TEP in 2019 to prepare a GI Plan to inform its Local Plan Part 2. Our in-house GIS team carried out an objective spatial analysis to highlight areas of need in terms of GI creation, enhancement and protection. This was moderated by the knowledge and experience of a range of stakeholders, to ensure that the GI plan is evidence-based and representative of local needs. The outcome was a plan which provides a road map for more comprehensive and connected GI across Cheshire East, highlighting areas for partnership working and a number of potential projects for investment.  These address a range of priorities identified by the Council.

Our GI team is also working on the Green and Blue Infrastructure (GBI) Plan for Swale Borough Council in north Kent. The diverse, coastal borough of Swale has many existing areas of excellent high-functioning GBI and a large proportion of Swale is also nationally and internationally recognised for its natural habitats and wildlife. We are working with the Council and a range of stakeholders to deliver a GBI Strategy which assesses need and opportunities, priorities and provides a range of deliverable future actions for GBI across Swale.

We are also pleased to have been appointed recently by Conwy County Borough Council to produce a Green Infrastructure Assessment for the Borough. During this project we will be working closely with Natural Resources Wales to produce a flagship plan.

If you would like to find out more about our work on GI, contact our Planning Team directly, who will be happy to discuss your needs.