Tree Management at Crystal Palace Park

Arboriculture Crystal Palace Park

TEP’s Arboriculture team is collaborating with the Crystal Palace Park Trust to conduct detailed assessments and effectively oversee the maintenance of the park’s tree population.

Since taking over park management from Bromley council in 2023, the Trust has been dedicated to safeguarding, enhancing, and enriching the park’s status as a vibrant hub for the community and all park visitors. Their overarching goal is to elevate Crystal Palace Park into a premier London destination, all the while preserving and sharing its rich historical narrative with the wider nation.

We recently completed Phase 2 of a three-year contract that will see all the park’s trees inspected twice during different seasons.  This approach allows better visibility of both structural and foliar condition, as well as a greater likelihood of identifying any fungal associations that may be missed in the warmer months.  So far, we have mapped and inspected 1,370 trees and 58 groups of trees identifying over 250 interventions, ranging from ivy severance to aid tree heath or future inspections, to the emergency removal of trees at risk of immediate collapse due to structural defects only observable to the trained eye.

During the work, TEP and the Trust are continuing to harness the innovative capabilities of PlanIT Geo’s Tree Plotter software and the unique Risk Module developed in collaboration with, and exclusively for, TEP in 2018.  Offering a robust online platform, all the survey data is accessed digitally, allowing the Trust to view the survey results in real-time on any web-enabled device and share information with contractors and stakeholders via read-only login accounts.

If you would like more information about TEPs tree risk assessment capabilities or the Tree Plotter platform, please get in touch with our Arboricultural team lead here.

Arboriculture Crystal Palace Park