Volunteering at The Dunes

Environmental Planning Volunteering

TEP’s Environmental Planning team took time out recently to participate in a volunteering day organised by Eni UK Ltd. Held at the Gronant Dunes and Talacre Warren SSSI on the North Wales coast, this event is part of Eni UK’s ongoing monthly initiative to preserve and protect the local environment.

Alongside dedicated rangers and regular monthly volunteers, our team engaged in two key conservation activities: ragwort pulling and sand patching. These efforts are crucial for maintaining the health and biodiversity of the dunes systems.

Ragwort Pulling: The team focused on removing ragwort from the fields. Ragwort is toxic to horses, and its removal is essential to ensure safe conservation grazing by ponies. This activity helps maintain the delicate balance of the ecosystem and ensures the ponies can graze without risk.

Sand Patching: Another significant task was sand patching, which involved removing Marram Grass from the dunes. This creates areas of bare sand, providing essential basking and nesting sites for sand lizards. These protected reptiles rely on open, undisturbed sand patches to lay their eggs and thrive in the dune environment.

Environmental Planning Volunteering
Environmental Planning Volunteering

After a productive morning, the team enjoyed a walk along the beautiful beach, visited the scenic Dyserth Waterfall, and capped off the day with a delicious meal at a local pub.

Thanks go to Eni UK Ltd for organising these incredibly valuable volunteering days throughout the year. Collaborations like these not only play a crucial role in preserving the unique coastal ecosystem, but also raise awareness through education and strengthen community bonds.