Earth Day 2020

Our Earth Day Response To Climate Action

World Earth Day is an opportunity to take stock of our own contribution to the global efforts on tackling climate change. This is an issue which is being felt worldwide from the Australian wildfires, Central America’s dry corridor through to the continual flooding that is being seen throughout the UK – no one can ignore or deny these damaging effects.

Climate Action is number 13 of the 17 goals the United Nations set as part of their 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, and is intrinsically linked to all the other goals. Climate action is about strengthening our response to help mitigate climate related impacts, by raising awareness of what can be done, promoting innovative solutions and implementing them.

TEP’s values reflect the passion and responsibility our staff have for creating and managing places which benefit society. Protecting, conserving and enhancing the environment is at the core of everything we do – each of our teams and even the organisation itself, approach climate action in a variety of ways because at the end of the day, we want to make a positive impact on where we live and encourage those around us to follow suit.

To follow how each of our teams is responding to climate action; whether that is through planning, mapping, implementation or management, click the links below.  You can discover how they are each uniquely contributing to climate action:

Environmental Planning
Landscape Design
Landscape Management