Foundation 200 – Tackling Homelessness in Cambridge

Proposed masterplan for Dundee Close in Cambridge

TEP has been gifting landscape design services for Foundation 200, Hill’s pledge to provide 200 homes for homeless people over the next five years. Foundation 200 plans to invest £12 million in the development of modular housing. They will be built on small plots of brownfield land across Hill’s area of operation.

Over recent years TEP has supported Hill with innovative residential developments in and around Cambridge. This includes sites north of the city such as Cromwell Road, Mill Road Depot and The Meadows.  We now are proud to be one of several supporting Foundation 200, providing pro-bono landscape and arboricultural advice to help this fantastic charitable initiative.

So far, TEP has contributed to the planning applications for three sites in Cambridge. TEP worked on the integration of attractive amenity spaces and cycle storage with the new modular homes. The modular homes will be built in-factory and transported to site by lorry, reducing implementation times and speeding up their availability. The initial sites are located at Crowland Way, Dundee Close and Barnes Close and account for 17 out of the 200 pledged homes. Each has now been submitted for planning and are awaiting decision.

Proposed front elevation of the new modular homes.

TEP’s landscape vision is to ensure that each development site will be colourful and uplifting, make a positive contribution to residents’ wellbeing, and to the area’s biodiversity. The designs use a simple palette of landscape elements, which will integrate the new homes into their surrounding neighbourhoods. Providing a clear definition between public and private space, planting combines robust, well behaved evergreen shrubs and hedges, fruit trees, multi-stem specimen shrubs and wildflower grasses. This will create an attractive, low maintenance environment for the new residents to enjoy.

Even though Government figures have shown a nine percent fall in rough sleepers across England. Cambridge has shown a 20% increase since 2018, moving against the national trend. Therefore, it is important that initiatives like Foundation 200 are given the support they need, to help tackle the crisis. TEP is committed to supporting Foundation 200 achieve its goal, helping to reduce homelessness in Cambridge, as well as creating beautiful and sustainable places to live.

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