Friends of Chorlton Park

Despite the mist around 30 volunteers turned up to the Chorlton Park yesterday, a mixture of BAM employees and other consultants, including seven from TEP.

TEP are the ecologists and arborists appointed by BAM for the construction of the new Chorlton High School. Through the planning process for this school, BAM were put in touch with the Friends of Chorlton Park group, as there was a need to carry out replacement tree planting to compensate for losses on site.  Therefore, BAM coordinated a volunteer day alongside the Friends group, supplied all the trees and invited their staff and consultants to get involved.

The day began with tree planting and thinning activities but due to the amount of very enthusiastic volunteers, the group had finished this by mid-morning. Making best use of the help, additional tasks were soon found to keep us all busy for the rest of the day. This included more thinning, creation of drainage channels to alleviate footpath flooding, litter picking and clearing a very substantial bramble patch. Together we got all these tasks complete and the bramble clearance will enable the Friends group to create an area of meadow grassland for the local residents to enjoy.

It was a tiring but a very rewarding day and the Friends of Chorlton Group were really happy with what we were able to achieve. We would also like to say a huge thank you to them for supplying the delicious homemade soup which definitely kept us going!