TEP’s Arboriculturists Lead The Way

Tree Plotter Innovates Tree Risk Assessments

TEP’s Arboriculturists swap their pens and paper for tablet computers this January, as our partnership with American software developers PlanIT Geo delivers a new tool for tree surveys of development sites.  Our surveyors will be using Tree Plotter, a cutting edge web-interface to capture tree data and create development-related constraints assessments in the field.

The partnership between TEP and PlanIT Geo brings together a unique set of strengths to deliver the first truly integrated software system for BS 5837 surveys.  The absence of an appropriate system in the UK was identified by TEP, who brought detailed familiarity with planning-related arboriculture and real world product testing.  The Tree Plotter Platform is already market-leading in the US, and PlanIT Geo’s software developers (who are also arborists!) have brought to life TEP’s vision for a BS5837 field survey module.

Because of our role in the development of the BS 5837 module, TEP is the first practice in the UK to use it commercially but we are delighted that other consultancies are now beginning to adopt the system.  It has been our intention from the beginning of this partnership that the product would help to raise the standard of arboricultural consultancy and client care across the industry. 

As we roll out Tree Plotter across our client portfolio, we are looking to the future.  We continue to work with PlanIT Geo to develop a tree risk management module, which we expect to begin field-testing in the next few weeks. 

For more information about how Tree Plotter can help you, read our Briefing Note or contact our Arboriculture Team directly.