Planning for Solar Farms Across the UK

Planning for Solar Farms

With the current global agenda focussing on reducing carbon dioxide, solar farms are quickly becoming one of the preferred investment options for governments, businesses and independent investors.

Solar farms are large scale installations of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels that absorb energy from the sun and convert it into electricity which is then is fed into the electricity grid. They provide a green and locally produced source of renewable energy for 25+ years1 after their initial construction and generate virtually no noise. Once construction is completed, physical disturbance of the land is minimal, and the surrounding areas remain hospitable for plants, wildlife and grazing animals.

With these facts in mind, TEP is delighted to be working on a number of Solar Farms across the UK. The sites range in size from 10 to 59 hectares and with a maximum capacity of 49 megawatts. 49MW could have the potential to generate enough electricity to power over 15,000 homes per year. A recent study by the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)2 on the attitudes towards renewable energy showed that solar power was most popular with the public.

TEP’s in-house specialists are particularly well-placed to assess the impacts these developments might have on landscape and views, which is where concerns are generally focussed. We produce robust planning applications ensuring energy policies are addressed effectively. An integral part of the planning application is consideration of landscape and visual impacts. The supporting assessments consider the value of the landscape which will be affected, and ensure that proposals work within the setting, respecting positive attributes already present and identifying opportunities to enhance the landscape.

If you would like planning advice on the suitability of a site for large scale solar farms, please get in touch with our Environmental Planning team at


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