Staff Spotlight: TEP’s Heritage Team

Our Heritage team specialises in all aspects of the historic environment and has a proven track record in providing professional guidance and expertise on heritage constraints, navigating their mitigation throughout the planning process in a cost-effective manner, and within set timelines and budgets.

We deliver innovative solutions to clients across a wide range of sectors and offer a comprehensive range of professional services, including feasibility studies, archaeological assessments, heritage statements, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), assisting in Heritage Lottery Fund grant applications and project management, archaeological fieldwork design and implementation, and expert witness services.

With a wide range of expertise and interests, the team’s combined experience ensures the delivery of high-quality work that adds value to a project, reduces risk, and benefits the historic environment in the long term.

Continue reading for an insight into some of our team members’ backgrounds and interests!


Heritage Team Amir

Amir Bassir
Principal Historic Environment Consultant

“I began my career in archaeology in 2006 as a Field Archaeologist working on a range of prehistoric and Roman sites across the UK. A few years later, I took an opportunity to transition into illustration and worked in, and eventually managed, the drawing office, producing both hand drawings and GIS mapping for Client reports. Simultaneously, I developed an interest in historic buildings and architecture and began to assist with built heritage surveys. This eventually developed into my main occupation and I transitioned full time into built heritage. I very much enjoyed the variety of projects and scope for learning this involved, from farm stables and barns, to churches, medieval timber-framed buildings, pubs, and modern military sites.

“In 2018 I joined TEP as a Heritage Consultant. This was a very different work environment and area of focus and was a personal challenge that required me to bolster my knowledge of heritage legislation and the planning process. I have enjoyed working at TEP and interacting with the multi-disciplinary teams which include ecologists and landscape architects. My colleagues in the Heritage team have a broad range of interests and experience which is great for continual learning and professional improvement.

“Key highlights at TEP have included appearing as an expert witness at a planning inquiry, and undertaking a major historic building survey of the Teesworks Iron and Steelworks”.


Steph Dalby
Senior Historic Environment Consultant

“I started as a trainee field archaeologist in 2014 working in Hemel Hempstead and Milton Keynes on late Iron Age and Roman sites. After progressing to assistant supervisor, I moved into consultancy in 2017 working on a variety of sites across England and Wales. I joined TEP in late 2020 as a Historic Environment Consultant.

“Whilst working at TEP I have achieved my Member accreditation of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (MCIfA), which is the highest professional accreditation available to professional archaeologists in all heritage fields. The work I undertake at TEP, and throughout my career to date, was used to demonstrate my competence, professional judgement and ethical behaviour.

Heritage Team Steph

“I am particularly interested in landscapes, and how development within those landscapes can enhance or detract from our understanding and experiences of those. There is a wide variety of sites TEP works on, from small plots within cities to large tracts of arable land within a rural landscape, each one bringing its own challenges, but each with its own history. It is exciting to research each site and learn more about our history through them”.


Heritage Team Charlotte

Charlotte Larkins
Historic Environment Consultant

“I began my career in archaeology in 2018 as a Trainee Archaeologist working on a range of sites across the UK. These were primarily rural prehistoric sites. In early 2019, I joined another fieldwork unit as an Archaeological Officer. I was on a complex prehistoric site and assisted with excavating and recording a number of prehistoric features. In 2019, I left the field to join a hybrid consultancy as an Archaeology Consultant which involved a mixture of watching briefs and evaluations, as well as desk-based reporting and liaising with Clients. This role enabled me to further develop my field-based experience, whilst preparing reports for the Sites I was attending.

“I joined TEP’s Heritage team in the Market Harborough office in April 2024 as a Historic Environment Consultant and I am looking forward to increasing my knowledge and experience within the heritage sector”.


Franki Webb
Principal Historic Environment Consultant

“I started my career in 2016 as a freelance Zooarchaeologist working at identifying a number of assemblages across UK and Latin America. In 2018, I joined Atkins as a Heritage Consultant where I primarily worked for The Environment Agency on their habitat recreation schemes and flood defences. There I also worked on a number of infrastructure schemes for Highways England, East West Rail, and HS2. After three years at Atkins, I joined Lichfields, a planning company, where I mostly worked on built heritage, primarily privately owned historic buildings. Whilst there, I started up an archaeological service and worked on a variety of projects from garden villages to golf courses. I also worked on Townscape Assessments, which helped me gain a better understanding of how development can be built to reflect the heritage context of an area.

Heritage Team Franki

“I joined TEP’s London office in 2022 where I am working on expanding TEP’s heritage presence. I enjoy working in a multidisciplinary team including landscape and ecology and I am interested in heritage townscapes, military heritage and prehistory”.


Heritage Team Jason

Jason Clarke
Associate Director

“Since embarking on my career as a Field Archaeologist in early 2001 in the UK, I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity of directing and excavating numerous archaeological sites across the country. These sites have spanned from early prehistory to our Industrial heritage, allowing me to gain a comprehensive understanding of the rich history of the UK.

“In 2015, I joined TEP as a Historic Environment Consultant, bringing my expertise and experience to the team. In 2018, I was promoted to the position of team leader, where I have been fortunate to work alongside a talented group of professionals undertaking numerous interesting and challenging Heritage projects. My goal is to continue to build a respected and thriving historic environment consultancy service.

“Throughout my career I have had the privilege of being involved in several noteworthy projects. Some highlights include the excavation of a well preserved Bronze Age settlement in the Fens, an Iron Age chariot burial, an early Medieval cemetery near my home town in Rutland, the Old Dock project in Liverpool, which provided insights into the city’s maritime history. Additionally I led the excavation of an Iron Age settlement at the location where TEP’s first Market Harborough office was later built.

“My passion for the historic environment and a dedication to preserving our cultural heritage drive me to make a positive impact in the field. Through my work, I aim to enhance our understanding of the past and ensure its preservation for future generations”.


TEP is a registered organisation with the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA). If you would like to know more about our Historic Environment service, please get in touch with Team Manager Jason Clarke.