TEP Launch Environment Grant

This year sees the launch of TEP’s new Environment Grant. A fund established by the company to offer financial support to activities which can further the environmental profession and raise awareness of environmental issues. TEP’s Environment Grant has been a natural development of our current corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments and will be awarded annually by our CSR Team.

The Environment Grant has been set up to support and offer funding to individuals and local organisations from £250 up to £1,000 and will be awarded based on:

  • Alignment to TEP’s values (Honest, Supportive, Passionate, Forward-Looking, Enterprising and Responsible);
  • Connection to the environmental profession; and
  • Potential impact of funding

As a national environmental consultancy, TEP is in a privileged situation as our daily work helps us to further sustainability by creating special places for people, business and wildlife. It is in our nature to strive to be the best in our field and lead by example, which isn’t just limited to the work we do for our clients. It also extends to how we act and perform as individuals and as a business. Our corporate social responsibilities are rooted at the heart of our business because we understand that to lead by example, our responsibilities towards the environment and where we live cannot come second. Therefore, TEP invites you to take advantage of this opportunity and together, help make a positive impact on the future of our environment.

The window for applications has now closed but will reopen on 29th March 2021. Please see the latest update for details.