Tree Plotter Innovates Tree Risk Assessments

Tree Plotter Innovates Tree Risk Assessments

Throughout 2020 TEP’s Arboricultural Team reaped the benefits of their Tree Plotter software. Tree Plotter allowed the team to easily exchange survey data between colleagues and clients via the Cloud, in real-time, keeping travel to a minimum. This has worked incredibly well for development surveys, with the system now holding data for over 11,000 features across 233 sites.

Our focus for 2021 turns to our bespoke Risk Module that creates a standard process and method for tree risk assessments. Our Arboriculturists have exchanged the conventional report and mapping and will now provide a slim-line written output containing a unique client login to their personalised web-hosted survey results. Surveyor time is heavily weighted towards inspections and this new Risk module improves our office to site work balance.  It allows our Arboriculturists to process data and report more efficiently.

Further benefits are passed onto the clients, such as interrogating their own survey results using functions within Tree Plotter. This allows them to quickly identify trees requiring intervention or those that have surpassed their re-inspection date, helping to streamline and improve the tree management process.

The opportunities Tree Plotter continues to unlock are helping to innovate the Arboricultural profession and discover new ways we can deliver a high-quality service to our clients.

If you are interested in what the Tree Plotter platform can do for you or you require a tree risk assessment please get in touch with our Arboricultural team by emailing

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